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Easy ways to save energy

There are simple things in your everyday life that you can do to save energy.

1. In the Home

  • Remember to switch off the lights and fans when you leave a room.
  • TVs, Radios and air-conditioners should be switched off at the plug point.
  • Try and have natural ventilation coming through your home, to reduce the need for fans and air-conditioners.
  • Have some indoor plants, as plants help cool the surrounding.
  • Use all household appliances efficiently; e.g. when using the washing machine, run full loads only
  • Make use of natural light.
  • Use the most appropriate energy source; e.g. gas for cooking rather than an electric cooker which uses much more energy


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2. While Shopping

  • Try not to buy products/material that have excessive packaging, or uses plastics made from non-renewable material.
  • Choose items/products that have a long life, can be re-used, repaired or recycled.
  • Look for energy labels/energy ratings at the back of appliances.
  • Bring along your own shopping bag to reduce the use of plastic bags.

3. Transportation

  • For short distances, it is better to travel on foot or cycle.
  • Try using more public transport. It helps you avoid traffic congestion and saves costs on parking, tolls and fuel.
  • Carpool. Carry four people instead of one and help reduce your emissions of greenhouse gases and energy consumption.
  • Don't leave your car engine running idle for too long.
  • Limit use of car by combining all errands into one journey. This will save you fuel, running costs and parking fees.

4. In the Garden

  • Plant leafy trees, shrubs and grasses in the garden.
  • Leafy trees will provide shade and shield your house from direct sunlight.
  • Plants also help cool surrounding areas.

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