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DDC was launched on 1st March 2004 with funding from the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).

A documentation & demonstration centre on sustainable energy usage has been established in an urban house in Petaling Jaya. The results from the operation of this demonstration centre will be shared/disseminated throughout the country and reinforced with training of urban communities to conduct their own household energy audits.

Efforts will also be made to motivate housing developers and government agencies to make future housing stocks more sustainable in their energy usage. In order to ensure that the lessons are translated into policy, a National Seminar will be held towards the end of the project period to propose a comprehensive National Energy Policy.

Since no such demonstration house exists in the country, it would be a pioneering and modelling effort to have such a demonstration house in Malaysia. Its success would encourage more middle class Malaysians to undertake changes when they next renovate their homes.

In addition, it would provide housing developers of a new approach in building for a growing market of discerning buyers. The Ministry of Housing & Local Government could be motivated to draft an action plan to promote such housing in the 9th Malaysia Plan.

The multiplier effect is certainly possible but by also raising the concerns about modifying lifestyles, the project would contribute towards sustainable development and in the process help the evolution of a comprehensive energy policy.

As local funding for such a project is still not forthcoming. DANIDA support is needed in order to advance existing Danced support in the energy, climate change & NGO sectors in Malaysia.

The Danish partner for this project is The Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy (OVE) that was founded in 1975. OVE is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) working for an energy policy based 100% on the use of renewable and sustainable energy.

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Bright Ideas

Shut it out! Consider shutting your windows and doors when it's hot outside to block the heat from entering your house. It makes a lot of difference. Try and feel for yourself!











Project Manager: CETDEM

Project Funder: DANIDA

Partner Organisation: OVE

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