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Anticipated Climate Change Impacts in Malaysia

  • Sea levels will rise to 15-95 cm in a hundred years.
  • Crop yields will drop with marginalisation of drought-prone areas and flooding out of >100,000 ha
  • Greater diseases among forest species and biodiversity loss.
  • Overall water availability will decrease and intensity of floods will increase.
  • Coastal areas will suffer tidal inundation, shoreline erosion, increased wave action and saline intrusion.
  • Adverse health impacts-more heat stress, respiratory diseases, food and water borne diseases as well as those vector-borne.
  • Operational and maintenance costs of electricity generation will increase especially in coastal areas. Oil and gas platforms will be also liable.

How energy efficiency reduces adverse environmental impacts

  • It cuts down supply demand-thus reducing the amount to be extracted, transported and finally at end use.
  • Lesser amounts of GHG emissions mean less severe climate changes.
  • Reduced air pollution translates into clearer skies and healthier air as well as reduced acid rain.
  • Better water quality resulting from reduced water poll. Means more potable supply as well as better aesthetics.
  • Less species and natural ecosystems will be destroyed and probably less people will be displaced especially if less large hydros are built.
  • Occupational diseases directly related to the energy sectors are likely to drop.
  • Less noise pollution from more efficient equipment and processes.


Warming of the earth has been happening since the Ice Age. But the rate of warming then was much slower than what it is today. The year 1998 was the warmest year since records began and 7 out of 10 of the warmest years on record have happened in the last decade! The 1990s were the warmest decade since records began and 2002 was the second warmest year on record according to the DTI.


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