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Increasing Awareness & Building Capacity (ABC)
of Urban Malaysians on Sustainable Energy Options

As the third largest per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter among the ten ASEAN nations, Malaysia has a responsibility to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors, including urban households.

As a move towards this, CETDEM is currently running the ABC Project funded by the UNDP Global Environmental Facility (GEF) starting 1st April 2003. It builds upon the previously completed project on Public Awareness on Energy Efficiency (EE) & Renewable Energy (RE) in 1999 as well as its recently completed project on Mobilising Malaysians on Climate Change (MMCC).

CETDEM plans to do this by:

  • exposing and building the capacity of Malaysians from various sectors, especially urban households, towards the potential of sustainable energy usage, through energy efficiency, as well as of renewable energy usage in the country
  • facilitating discussions on how best to increase public awareness and action in this critical area
  • developing a citizen's system for assessing progress in sustainable energy usage and conservation at the local community and other levels

The purpose of this project is to make urban Malaysians more aware of the potential for sustainable energy usage and to act to reduce their ecological footprints in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, through renewable energy and energy efficiency. Through this project, Malaysians will be exposed to the potential for sustainable energy usage and will be guided to act to reduce their energy consumption.

Five towns across Malaysia will be involved, namely Petaling Jaya, Kuching, Kuantan, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu. Urban Malaysians will also be better informed and better equipped with the information and the tools to play their part in reducing their adverse impacts on climate change and unsustainable energy usage. This site will be updated for up coming events and the results of those events.


  • We have two facilitators from each town working with CETDEM on this project
  • A citizen's manual has been developed to help urban households reduce their energy consumption. This manual provides information and options on how to reduce energy consumption and adopt better practices.
  • Briefings have been held in Petaling Jaya, Kuching, Kuantan & Kota Kinabalu.
  • Those involved in the project have completed energy audits on their homes. This has given them an idea of how much energy is being consumed in the home.
  • A draft report of the audits from about 150 homes has been completed.
  • An Interactive CD has beeng produced, which will help in the conducting of home energy audits.
  • In the final stage, which ends in Nov. 2005, briefings will be conducted in 4 more towns in Peninsular Malaysia & a final profile of energy consumption completed.
  • The output of this project will feed into the DDC project, which runs until Feb. 2007.

If you would like to conduct an audit of your home, you can download CETDEM's energy audit form.

CETDEM will send you a copy of the manual FOC after you send in your completed audit form.

The audit form can be sent by mail or fax at 03 - 7875 4039.

Interesting Energy facts

In the UK, every household needs only to change three of their light bulbs to energy efficient ones and they would have saved enough to power all their streetlights.

The most efficient fridge in the market can save about 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over their lifetime.

The International Energy Agency predicts that the world's electrical generating capacity will increase to about 5.8 million megawatts by 2020 (from 3.3 million in 2000).

However, the world's fossil fuel supplies will begin to run out from the years 2020 to 2060.

For every 100 units of electricity that leaves a hydroelectric dam, 90 units gets lost in the transmission and conversion processes.

Current Projects
in Malaysia

SIRIM testing the efficiency and voltage produced by three different types of photovoltaic solar cells.

MBIPV launched by Datuk Leo Moggie in January 2004 aiming at reducing long-term cost of PV technology and to create a sustainable demand in the local market.

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