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OCT 27,28: Go Green Fair, JayaOne
DEC 1: Publication of SUDI H2O Report

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1. Organic Farming (OFP)

2. Sust Dev Initiatives (SUDI)

3. Selangor State EE (SSEE)

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Organic Farming

CETDEM is organising our Annual CLIMATE CHANGE DIALOGUE 2018
‘Is Malaysia Climate Resilient ?’ in July 2018 (half day, 9am – 1 pm)


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Welcome by Engr Gurmit Singh, CETDEM Chairman & Dialogue Moderator

Presentions (tentative):
1. Climate Change Rapid Response Measures Adopted from the SENDAI Framework
2. Sustainable Construction Methods
3. SDGs to enable Climate Resilence among the B40
4. Role of Academia in preparing Malaysia to be Climate Resilient

PANEL DIALOGUE with Participants
Closing Statements by Panelists
Closing Remarks by Moderator



Study titled “Water in Malaysia: The Holistic Sustainable Path” began on 2 Jan 2018

Sustainable Development Initiatives (SUDI) Water Study Team is headed by Ir Gurmit Singh (SUDI Director). The other team members are Dr Hezri Adnan, and Ir Ellias Saidin. Ms Hazel Ronella Makulin is the Research Assistant.

SUDI is the independent Think Tank of CETDEM. SUDI was launched on 1st August 2011 in Petaling Jaya and initiated its first study on Low Carbon Sustainable Development Options for Malaysia on 1st September. The report of this study was launched under the title “Lowering The Heat” on 14th June 2012. The second study on Ecotransformation in Malaysian cities resulted in a report “Elusive Urban Sustainability” launched in May 2014.

Platinum Sponsors


Date: 23rd May 2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 9am – 1pm

Location: Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya

Pre-registration @ RM 250 only per participant


Contact Anthony Tan, WA: 016-3316340 or E: ed@cetdem.org.my

Maintenance key to addressing environmental issues, says activist
Stories by TERENCE TOH

Speaking at the launch of his book Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist, the Penang-born activist said Malaysians were very good at constructing new things, but terrible at keeping them maintained. “Everyone thinks planting trees is great. But they forget that trees have to be maintained.

On the future of the nation’s environment, Gurmit Singh said he hoped the new generation would be more environmentally conscious. “My hope is that more young people will get involved with environmental issues, but with their eyes open. “If you go back and look at the new generation, they like instant results. “But environmental issues cannot have instant results. You have to look at the long-term,” he said.

Present at the launch was World Islamic Economic Forum chairman and former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam. Describing their relationship as one of “constructive engagement”, Musa commended Gurmit Singh’s spirit of always speaking up fearlessly for the environment while keeping himself free of political influence.

“You (Gurmit Singh) trained me during the course of my leadership, up to the number two in the country, to be able to tolerate and appreciate feedback in the roughest way possible, the rougher the better,” Musa said in his speech. “We need more people like him in the political and social system,” he said.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016
10.00am ~ 4.00pm
Pusat Komuniti Bukit Bandaraya
Jalan Medang Tanduk,
Bukit Bandar Raya, Bangsar, 59100 KL
of@cetdem.org.my; 016 219 5826

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The 22 edition Hari Organik is in Bangsar for the 4th consecutive year!
Hari Organik is an event where you get to meet the farmers/producers and other organic business entities to consult on organic farming / gardening practices; wellness/health products/food that are good for your health and much more!

If you are looking for organic mattress and pillows, household and skin care products, organic compost, fertilizer, vegetable seeds and seedlings, this is the place for you! For those who are looking for FIG saplings at reasonable price, come to us as stocks are limited!

If you are concerned of how organic are those products/ produce in the market, join us for the open dialogue with the farmer/producer & Retailer.

Water! Water! How much do you Know and Care? Issues around Consumers, Government and Environment…. Engr. Gurmit Singh will be there to share with you his concerns!
An event not to be missed, so what are you waiting for?!

*Those interested to showcase/promote their products may contact Ms Tan at 016 219 5826.

Admission is Free.

Protecting the planet we call home

In school, I was an active scout and my interest in the environment grew from there. In 1974, I helped to set up the Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia and the group of us did a study of Klang River’s pollution level by collecting its water and testing the samples in a friend’s lab.

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    Stop bauxite mining activities in Pahang: activists

Meanwhile, seasoned environmentalist Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (CETDEM) chairman Gurmit Singh said bauxite processing should have been done the right and proper way.

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    Activists call for end to bauxite activities in Pahang

Meanwhile, seasoned environmentalist Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (CETDEM) chairman Gurmit Singh said bauxite processing should have been done the right and proper way.

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    Saman bukan langkah terbaik

Dalam pada itu, Pengerusi Pusat Alam Sekitar, Teknologi dan Pembangunan Malaysia (Cetdem), Gurmit Singh berkata, pembakaran terbuka di Indonesia sehingga menyebabkan masalah jerebu bukan perkara baharu namun tiada pelan terbaik setakat ini yang dirancang untuk menangani isu tersebut.

Read more: Saman bukan langkah terbaik

Climate Change & Water

Water remains the focus for the 2015 edition of the CETDEM Series of seminars on Climate Change.

Registration Fee: Only RM 200 per participant
(inclusive of materials and lunch).
CPD Hours being applied from Board of Engineers Malaysia.

Interested to be a corporate sponsor,
please contact: Mr Anthony Tan
T:03-78757767; M: 016-3316 340; E: ed@cetdem.org.my

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