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GREEN TRANSPORT: Roadblocks to cycling culture

These issues are all too familiar to environmentalist Gurmit Singh, who had raised similar concerns in the 1970s, when he supported the use of the bike to combat traffic problems. Gurmit was Malaysia’s first bicycle advocate.

Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia executive director Anthony Tan concurs.
“People must view the bicycle as a viable mode of transportation, instead of a poor man‘s choice or for use in the villages.
“And our ministers, exco members and mayors should lead by example by riding to work,“ he adds.

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Check out the CETDEM latest news bulletin which covers the events which happened on June till October 2011.

Members of CETDEM’s Organic Farming Project will receive a copy of the complete news bulletin.

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COVER STORY: Making Efforts in Sustainability Count

Tan mentioned that, in the same year, CETDEM also launched the WCPJ Project, also known as the Working with the Community on Energy Efficiency at Household Level in Petaling Jaya Project, which wasdesigned as a follow through of the ABC Project andwas funded by ExxonMobil Malaysia.

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