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Organic Farming

Welcome to our signature event, HARI ORGANIC.

Date: 31 October 2015 Saturday
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: Pusat Komuniti Bukit Bandaraya Jalan Medang Tanduk, Bukit Bandar Raya Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Please note that registration to participate as an exhibitor in this event will be upon receipt of payment. You may submit your registration and payment at CETDEM office in SS2 from Mon ~ Fri. from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm., Saturday : 9.30am ~ 12.30pm or email to of@cetdem.org.my.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Tan at 03-7875 7767 should you have any queries.

As individuals, your home has a direct impact on the environment. Power stations that provide our electricity, generally burn fossil fuels to supply our energy needs. This leads to what is known as the greenhouse effect, which is causing global warming.

Why is it important?
The energy we use today comes mainly from non-renewable sources such as coal, oil, natural gas and uranium, all of which are finite resources and will be depleted. Additionally, the use of these types of fuel are damaging to our health and to the environment.
Renewable energy on the other hand has the potential to produce clean energy for our use, for all time for everyone. Renewable energy systems help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are being recognised as a major source of energy for the 21st century and beyond.

Click here for more information on the Programme

Let’s become a wise user of energy and control our monthly electricity bill instead of making end meets to pay the bill.

Save Energy !
Save Money !
Save Environment !

JOIN US at RE & EE Roadshow and register to our workshop to find out more. Grab the chance and seats are limited.

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    Malaysia bebas jerebu minggu depan

Yang turut menjadi panel dalam forum berkenaan ialah wakil Kedutaan Indonesia, Freddy M. Panggabean; Timbalan Pengarah Institut Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan (Lestari), Dr. Mohd. Talib Latif ; Ketua Penolong Pengarah Kanan Bahagian Udara Jabatan Alam Sekitar Putrajaya, Mohd. Fahmey Yusoff dan Pengarah Eksekutif Pusat Alam Sekitar, Teknologi dan Pembangunan Malaysia (Cetdem), Anthony Tan.

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    Identify source of floods, don’t just throw money at the problem

Malaysian Centre for Environment, Technology and Development (CETDEM) executive director Anthony Tan pointed out that uncontrolled logging and loss of mangrove areas had contributed to natural disasters.

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    Renewable energy and energy efficiency roadshow coming to Rawang this weekend

Organised by the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (CETDEM), the roadshow comprises a one-day exhibition at the entrance of Tesco Rawang on Saturday (Oct 24) from 10am to 5pm and a half-day workshop at Hotel Sahara, Rawang on Sunday (Oct 25) from 9am to 1pm.

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Great News! CETDEM will be having a booth during the 8th International KL EcoFlim Fest from 12pm – 9pm on 17th – 18th October 2015.

We will be promoting PJ-EcoMobility Project as well as other CETDEM activities such as Hari Organik & RE & EE Roadshow.
You can visit us at booth no. 2 as below:

Thanks to the support from Tanamera. Grab your chance to win Apple iPhone 6 as well.

See you !!!

    MCCG Inter-Faith Dialogue on Climate Change 2015 took place on the afternoon of Sunday, 11th Oct

The Malaysian Climate Change Group (MCCG) organised this unique event with the collaboration of the British High Commission and Ilham Gallery at the Ilham Gallery, 5th Floor Ilham Tower, No 8 Jalan Binjai, off Jalan Ampang. Around 100 people attended this Free of Charge event.

    RE & EE Roadshow bermula di Temerloh pada 3 & 4 Oktober ini

CETDEM dalam usahasama dengan pihak SEDA Malaysia, akan mengadakan satu siri pameran dan bengkel percuma berkenaan Tenaga Boleh Diperbaharui (RE) dan Kecekapan Tenaga (EE), di 5 (lima) lokasi merangkumi negeri-negeri Pahang, Terengganu dan kawasan Lembah Kelang. Roadshow ini akan bermula dengan aktiviti di Daerah Temerloh, Pahang.

Click on image for Flyer

Kami berharap dapat bersua kenal anda pada hari Sabtu 3hb Oktober 2015 semasa pameran-mini RE & EE bertempat di

Bengkel 1/2 hari pula akan diadakan pada hari Ahad 4 Oktober 2015, 9 pg – 1 ptg bertempat di

Penyertaan dalam bengkel adalah secara PERCUMA, melalui pendaftaran sahaja, dan terhad kepada 1 wakil setiap keluarga. Jamuan makan tengahari juga disediakan. Setiap peserta diharuskan membawa bersama bil elektrik rumah 3 bulan terkini.

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