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April 27: Hari Organik Sec19

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Organic Farming

Taklimat Kesedaran PJ-EcoMobility akan diadakan di Bilik Taklimat, Muzium Petaling Jaya pada 26hb Jun 2016, 10pg – 12tgh.

Ke arah kehidupan lestari – berjalan kaki, berbasikal dan menggunakan pengangkutan awam untuk mengurangkan kesan kepada alam sekitar. Anda dijemputi menghadiri taklimat PJ-EcoMobility, satu projek untuk tujuan Mewujudkan Taman Rekreasi EcoMobility yang Tumpu Insan sementara memberikan Keutamaan terhadap Pilihan Pengangkutan Lestari.

Apa, Mengapa dan Kebaikan PJ-EcoMobility? Jom ketahui lebih banyak dengan menghadiri acara kami.

Untuk pendaftaran, sila hubungi Ms. Ooi, 03-7875 7767 atau ecom@cetdem.org.my semasa waktu pejabat (9pg-5ptg). Pendaftaran secara PERCUMA dan boleh dilakukan dengan mengisi borang di bawah.

“EcoMobility untuk Komuniti Saya”


PJ-EcoMobility Awareness Briefing will be held on Sunday, 26 June 2016 at Bilik Taklimat, Museum Petaling Jaya from 10am to 12pm.

Towards sustainable lifestyle – walk , cycle and use public transport to reduce our impact to the environment. CETDEM kindly extends an invitation for you to attend an awareness briefing regarding PJ-EcoMobility, a project designed to create a “People Centric EcoMobility Recreational Park giving Preference to Sustainable Transport Options” in Taman Jaya Area.

What, Why and Benefits of PJ-EcoMobility? Join us to know more!

For registration, kindly contact Ms.Ooi 03-78757767 or email to ecom@cetdem.org.my during office hours (9am-5pm). Free registration and online registration form is available as below.

“EcoMobility for My Community”


CETDEM Hari Organik 2016
BBPark, Bukit Bintang, KL [opposite Plaza Low Yat /Next to Federal Hotel]
10am ~ 4pm
Tel: 03-7875 7767 / 016-219 5826

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There will be a session on how much we know about GMO food and how GMO food affects human and animal health, agriculture and biodiversity.
Treat this as a family outing…..have organic breakfast served with freshly baked breads and organic coffee / green tea. You may also opt for an organic lunch!

At the Hari Organik you get to buy products at offer prices such as gluten free biscuits, noodles, eco friendly tissue papers and toilet papers made from wheat straw, organic vegetables and fruits; herbs, seedlings, seeds, organic compost, fertilizers, health and skincare products, household items, and food products,
Please bring your own shopping bags and if you have any old handphone and used h/p batteries, bring along for recycling.

Admission is Free.

Protecting the planet we call home

In school, I was an active scout and my interest in the environment grew from there. In 1974, I helped to set up the Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia and the group of us did a study of Klang River’s pollution level by collecting its water and testing the samples in a friend’s lab.

Read more: Protecting the planet we call home

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