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Organic Farming

Maintenance key to addressing environmental issues, says activist
Stories by TERENCE TOH

Speaking at the launch of his book Memoirs of a Malaysian Eco-Activist, the Penang-born activist said Malaysians were very good at constructing new things, but terrible at keeping them maintained. “Everyone thinks planting trees is great. But they forget that trees have to be maintained.

On the future of the nation’s environment, Gurmit Singh said he hoped the new generation would be more environmentally conscious. “My hope is that more young people will get involved with environmental issues, but with their eyes open. “If you go back and look at the new generation, they like instant results. “But environmental issues cannot have instant results. You have to look at the long-term,” he said.

Present at the launch was World Islamic Economic Forum chairman and former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam. Describing their relationship as one of “constructive engagement”, Musa commended Gurmit Singh’s spirit of always speaking up fearlessly for the environment while keeping himself free of political influence.

“You (Gurmit Singh) trained me during the course of my leadership, up to the number two in the country, to be able to tolerate and appreciate feedback in the roughest way possible, the rougher the better,” Musa said in his speech. “We need more people like him in the political and social system,” he said.

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When gardening and wellness buffs gather
Stories by JADE CHAN

“Organic Day is an event where the public gets to meet farmers and other organic business entities to learn about organic gardening practices as well as health and wellness products,” said Cetdem organic farming project coordinator Tan Siew Luang.

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CETDEM Hari Organik, our signature event, will be held on Saturday, 15 April 2017 in Bandar Utama Community Centre PJ.

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“Hari Organik” is organized by Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (CETDEM) and supported by Selangor State Government, MBPJ, BURA, BURASC, Local Agenda 21 PJ as well as Wellness Concept (M] to bring the community together to learn the importance of organic farming and how to cook, eat and grow organically.

The Hari Organic will show case local products/produce that are available in the market. There will be series of talks and demonstration on health matter as well as how to convert kitchen and garden and put into good use and tips on setting up an organic home garden on that day.

Besides farmers selling their organic veggies and fruits, organic fruit saplings; organic herb/vegetable seedlings and seeds, manufacturers and traders will be there with their special offer organic compost, body health & skincare products and many others. Also available to whet one’s appetite is organic white curry laksa, organic breads/buns, quick breads and ulam etc.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags and tiffin-carriers.

Entrance is free.

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