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1. Organic Farming (OFP)

2. Sust Dev Initiatives (SUDI)

3. Selangor State EE (SSEE)

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Organic Farming

Study titled “Water in Malaysia: The Holistic Sustainable Path” began on 2 Jan 2018

Sustainable Development Initiatives (SUDI) Water Study Team is headed by Ir Gurmit Singh (SUDI Director). The other team members are Dr Hezri Adnan, and Ir Ellias Saidin. Ms Hazel Ronella Makulin is the Research Assistant.

SUDI is the independent Think Tank of CETDEM. SUDI was launched on 1st August 2011 in Petaling Jaya and initiated its first study on Low Carbon Sustainable Development Options for Malaysia on 1st September. The report of this study was launched under the title “Lowering The Heat” on 14th June 2012. The second study on Ecotransformation in Malaysian cities resulted in a report “Elusive Urban Sustainability” launched in May 2014.

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