An 18-Month Awareness, Capacity Building and Result Monitoring Project funded by SEDA Malaysia (Sustainable Energy Development Authority)

FiT & SAVE Project

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YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia announcement during the December 2009 COP15 at Copenhagen that “Malaysia is adopting an indicator of a voluntary reduction of up to 40 percent in terms of emissions intensity of GDP (gross domestic product) by the year 2020 compared to 2005 levels”.

Entry Point Project 9 (EPP9) (Energy Efficiency) which is also known as Sustainability Achieved Via Energy Efficiency (SAVE) programme was announced by YAB Prime Minister on 13th June 2011 and officiated by YB Minister of KeTTHA on 7th July 2011 at Putrajaya.

The objectives of the SAVE Rebate Programme includes:

i. To establish a culture of efficient use of energy among the general public and commercial entities;
ii. To reduce cost of daily energy by users through reduction in energy use which leads to reduced GHG emissions;
iii. To increase the awareness of the general public regarding energy efficiency.


CETDEM has been ‘Always Promoting Sustainable Development’ since 1985. We have strive to provide Malaysians with practical and sustainable solutions, and we continue to do so. Our intention is to help Malaysians understand the hash reality that inefficient living practices and habits, coupled with indiscriminate development, are not only unacceptable, but they are highly unsustainable. Wasteful living habits and unsustainable development are the basic elements which fuel the global phenomenon known to all of us as Climate Change.

Over the years, CETDEM has conducted a number of pioneering studies and projects which have resulted in a better understanding of the energy consumption patterns of the Urban Malaysian Household.

Based on our field experience, we wish to add our support to the many efforts made by the Federal Government of Malaysia to bring the topic of Sustainable Energy into the mainstream. We believe that CETDEM is in a good position to work in synergy with SEDA to further enhance the understanding and outreach made by using the existing platform of the SAVE Rebate Programme.

The Gap

The 1% FIT surcharge came into effect from 1st December 2011. The Cabinet has recently agreed for this percentage to be increased to 2%, but the implementation date has yet to be announced. There seems to exists a gap between the knowledge of the affected Malaysian public and the rationale behind the FIT.

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Middle-Income Urban Malaysian Households are the main group of domestic electricity consumers affected by FIT surcharge. Among this middle-income group, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, instant water heaters and large format TVs are treated as life’s necessities, and are no longer perceived as luxury goods.

Households with these equipment are the ones whose present monthly electricity use would exceeds the 300kWh per month threshold set by the authorities for imposition of the 1% FIT surcharge. It is noted that Sarawak currently does not fall under the 1% FIT surcharge ruling.


Based on CETDEM’s accumulated experience from various Energy Efficiency projects, we find that a Seminar/Workshop sharing process is an effective method of raising awareness and is a powerful tool to affect change in perception and even habits. Allocating a practical token of recognition is a great tool to motivate participants to take positive actions to become more energy efficient. For example, in past projects, CETDEM has given away compact fluorescent lamps and t-shirts to participants who submitted completed energy audits. A certificate of participation was incorporated into a calendar and this was awared to participants who participated in a one year EE study.

CETDEM proposes to conduct a series of half day seminar/workshops in major cities/towns. The events will be carefully publicised in the media (newspapers, radio and online) prior to and after each event. CETDEM plans to collaborate with the respective State UPEN, Educations Department, local NGOs and Residents Associations to identify potential participants and disseminate invitations to attend the seminar/workshops. We will also engage local NGOs for part-time project-paid staff in preparatory work and event-day assistants to CETDEM’s project staff. The seminar/workshop will be preceded by a 1-day Energy Efficiency Exhibition at a Shopping Mall close-by to the seminar venue. We expect to attract 150 visitors to each of these exhibitions.

In addition to attaining the objectives of the SAVE Rebate Programme stated earlier, ‘FIT and SAVE’ is designed to provide / cover:

i. A platform to educate Malaysians on the issue of energy efficiency;
ii. A series of exhibitions and workshops to share best practices which are practical and sustainable;
iii. A message that can be internalised – it is possible to choose to be an efficient user of energy;
iv. An audience from Urban Middle-Income Households with a wide age-range.
Secondary school students and adults; Suggested ratio of 30 students : 70 adults;
v. 18 months period divided into 3 equal phases, starting from August 2012
- Phase 1: Sept. 2012-Feb. 2012;
- Phase 2: March -Aug. 2013;
- Phase 3: Sept. 2013-Feb. 2014;
vi. Major cities/towns with high concentrations of Middle-Income Households.

Key Performance Indicators Rationalisation

CETDEM proposes to organise the ‘Fit & Save’ Road-show at 13 locations over 3 phases of 6 months each; 4-5 events in each phase is a realistic target. For each location, CETDEM expects to attract 150 visitors to a 1-day exhibition, 100 participants at a ½ day Workshop and 50 completed Energy Audit forms. Based on this, the outreach for the whole Road-show is approximately 1,200 visitors to the exhibitions, 800 participants (240 students and 560 adults) for the Workshops and 400 completed Energy Audit forms.

Note: We were expecting to print and distribute 500 SAVE vouchers during each 6-month period. However, we found that there were no vouchers available after we completed the 1st Roadshow held in Kuantan.

Awareness with Action contributes to Savings.
Awareness without Action leads to Wastefulness.

Each sentence corresponds to the success and failure of Awareness and Capacity Building Projects. Even if one looks back 10 years ago, most public awareness activities and projects were focused on the number of visitors at an exhibition or total participants attending a talk. CETDEM does not disregard the using of number of participants as a KPI. However, we conclude that it is of great importance to also gauge how effective these activities have had on those participants. It means we have to quantify how much of a lasting impact the project has had on them.


Education materials were developed specifically for the exhibitions and workshops.

1. Banners
- Energy Efficiency
- Feed-in-Tariff

2. Brochures

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3. Advertisements

4. Slide Presentation

The Roadshows

Phase 1: Kuantan, Georgetown, Johor Bahru, Kuching.

Roadshow 1 – Kuantan: 13 & 14 October 2012

Roadshow 2 – Georgetown: 17 & 18 November 2012

Roadshow 3 – Johor Bahru: 15 & 16 December 2012

Roadshow 4 – Kuching: 19 & 20 January 2013

—– —– —– —– —–

Phase 2: Kota Bahru, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Terengganu.

Roadshow 5 – Kota Bharu: 8 & 9 March 2013

Roadshow 6 – Melaka: 26 & 27 April 2013

Roadshow 7 – Kota Kinabalu: 18 & 19 May 2013

Roadshow 8 – Kuala Terengganu: 2 &3 July 2013


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