Demonstration & Documentation Centre for Sustainable Energy Solutions for Urban Households

A 3-Year Awareness, Demonstration, Monitoring and Result Sharing Project on Urban Household Energy Efficiency funded by Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)

DDC Project

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CETDEM, which always promotes the sustainable use of energy and energy efficiency, launched this project on 1st March, 2004. The aim of this project is to enhance public awareness on this issue by sharing information and demonstrating sustainable energy solutions. The main target group are urban households who have comfortable houses with air-conditioning and hot water supply. This project can educate Malaysians to contribute to sustainable development by promoting renewable energy as a “fifth fuel” and to increase awareness among urban households about sustainable – energy solutions.


A documentation & demonstration centre on sustainable energy usage is to be established in an urban house in Petaling Jaya. The results from the operation of this demonstration centre will be shared/disseminated throughout the country and reinforced with training of urban communities to conduct their own household energy audits.

Efforts will also be made to motivate housing developers and government agencies to make future housing stocks more sustainable in their energy usage. In order to ensure that the lessons are translated into policy, a National Seminar will be held towards the end of the project period to propose a comprehensive National Energy Policy.

Since no such demonstration house exists in the country, it would be a pioneering and modelling effort to have such a demonstration house in Malaysia. Its success would encourage more middle class Malaysians to undertake changes when they next renovate their homes.

In addition, it would provide housing developers of a new approach in building for a growing market of discerning buyers. The Ministry of Housing & Local Government could be motivated to draft an action plan to promote such housing in the 9th Malaysia Plan.

The multiplier effect is certainly possible but by also raising the concerns about modifying lifestyles, the project would contribute towards sustainable development and in the process help the evolution of a comprehensive energy policy.

As local funding for such a project is still not forthcoming. DANIDA support is needed in order to advance existing Danced support in the energy, climate change & NGO sectors in Malaysia.

The Danish partner for this project is The Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy (OVE) that was founded in 1975. OVE is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) working for an energy policy based 100% on the use of renewable and sustainable energy.


The objectives of DDC are to:

a. Promote Sustainable & Energy Efficient Lifestyle;
b. Promote Household Energy Audit;
c. Propose a comprehensive National Energy Policy.

Demonstration Cool House

A double-storey house was selected to undergo renovation / retrofitting to become Energy Efficient.

Before Renovation / Retrofitting

As part of the demonstration effort of the project, we have renovated a house in SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor to achieve a comfortable temperature the sustainable way. The demo house also utilises the sun to generate electricity and produce hot water.

Although this house does not have air-conditioning, it is quite cool indoor even on a hot sunny day. After renovation works, we have been consistently getting indoor temperatures around 28-30 °C during the day.

What’s more, we are making available publicly the renovation work, its cost and other measures taken to achieve this comfort.

Renovation efforts

The home gains heat mainly from the roof and secondly through the windows. Therefore, the first step we have taken is to insulate the roof with rockwool and provide a “breathing space” between the insulation layer and the roof tiles. The attic space is also kept cool by ventilation.

After – Features of the Cool Demonstration House

Then we shaded the windows from direct sunlight with aluminum sunshades and lots of plants. Plants are really good at providing shade. They look pretty, create oxygen, cool down the air and may attract a wandering squirrel. What more can you ask for?

Besides shading the windows, we also actively manage ventilation of the demo house. Let us first of all visually split the house into 2 sections – the first floor and the ground floor.

The first floor windows are opened in the evening and left open during the night to bring in the cool night air. Throughout the day, the windows are kept closed to avoid the hot afternoon air from entering the house. Heat from cooking is taken out by an exhaust fan. Because no one resides in the ground floor during the night, for security reasons, the windows are opened only early in the morning and closed by late morning. But an exhaust fan at the back of the house is turned on from 9pm until 8am to draw cool air into the house through air vents in the front of the house.

A photovoltaic (PV) panel and solar hot water system is installed on the roof to utilise the power of the sun. The PV panel generates electricity that is sold to the grid. At the end of the month, the electricity bill will show a net of electricity used and sold.



Energy Efficiency Exhibitions to be held around the country to promote Energy Efficiency to the general public.

Energy Efficiency Briefing around Malaysia

Energy Efficiency briefings are arranged and conducted for building professionals, government agencies and school children either at their premises or in a hotel. An Energy Audit exercise is included in the briefing.

Stakeholders Workshop

Stakeholders workshops to be held with professional bodies such as IEM and REHDA. Opportunity to discuss draft Energy Policy Paper and to exhibit project materials including DDC House and Energy Audit exercise.

House Briefing in SS2 Petaling Jaya

You are welcome to come visit and view our demonstration house. House visits are arranged upon request only and usually conducted on a Saturday morning. 1 week’s notice is required. We also conduct briefings to interested houseowners, building professionals, government agencies and school children. Recommended group size is 5-10 persons. Minimum group size is 5, maximum size is 20 persons.


Rockwool Insulation

Cross-section View of the Roof

Aluminium Sun-breakers

Internal House Temperature monitoring

Cross-section of House (Temperature Before & After)

Solar Water Heater

Solar Photo Voltaic Panels (1kWp)

PV Output

Rainwater Harvesting

On 5 Feb 2007, CETDEM Chairman personally submitted the Memorandum on a Comprehensive Malaysian Energy Policy to the Minister of Water, Energy and Communications, Malaysia.

Click here for the Memorandum on a Comprehensive Malaysian Energy Policy (2007)

Diary of Events


1 Mar DDC Project begins.
Mar-Dec Planning, selection of premises, renovation work.
29 Oct Commissioning of Photo-Voltaic system.


Jan-Feb Completion of preparatory work.
12 Mar House visit by a group of house owners.
14 Mar Official Launch of Demo house by YB Dato Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik, Minister of Energy, Water & Communications
19 March House visit by Child NGO.
19 March Briefing on energy saving to housing developers in Seremban.
————— ————————————————————————————
14 April Briefing on energy saving to school children in Penang.
27 April Exhibited at MPPJ in conjunction with the Best Neighbourhood Contest.
3 May House visit by lecturers and students of UIA Dept. of Building Technology & Engineering.
6-8 June Exhibited in MENGO Conference 2005
14 June House visit by Local Agenda 21 officers of Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI), Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai & Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MPPJ).
25 June Exhibition of DDC house in conjunction with the launch of the Low Energy Office (LEO) which is also the new office for the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications in Putrajaya.
29 June Briefing to Engineering students of INTICollege, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan
————— ————————————————————————————
29 July Briefing to MalaysianUniversityConsortium for Environment & Development (MUCED) at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
22 Aug Briefing to planners from Jabatan Perancangan Bandar & Desa (JPBD) Selangor and Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) followed by a visit to Demo House.
27 Aug Briefing to a crowd of 20 individuals from CETDEM Kitchen Gardening Group (KGG).
15 Sept 3rd Stakeholders Workshop held in Kuching Sarawak in association with the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Sarawak Branch. Draft Energy Policy Paper was presented and discussed for the first time. Project materials including DDC House and Energy Audit exercise were exhibited as well.
————— ————————————————————————————
1 Oct House visit by concerned home owners
13 Oct Exhibition at University Malaya, Environmental Awareness Week by Geography Department
22 Oct Briefing to NGOs in Ipoh
24 Oct House Visit by concerned developer, planner and architect professionals
12 Nov Briefing to Sokkagakkai Buddhist Society (SBS) in Muar, Johor.
3 Dec House visit by architects
9 Dec House visitors from Kelantan
10 Dec Briefing to Rotary Club members and general public in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan
13 Dec Treasure Hunt for a group of 20 primary school students & teachers at an Organic Farm Resort
14 Dec House visit by students and teachers from Sussex Downs Park College, England through UKM LESTARI Programme


3 Jan Visitors from Building Industry
13 Jan Briefing to the members of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) @ PJ HQ
14 Jan Follow-up visit from the Institution of Engineers Malaysia
17 Jan Participated in SS2 CARES Chinese New Year Carnival celebration/exhibition
21 Jan Briefing to environmental NGOs in Kuala Lumpur
18 Feb Briefing to SS2 CARES Resident Associations, among other community groups
20-24 Feb 5-Day Exhibition at MPPJ Lobby Area in collaboration with Local Agenda 21 Office
23 Feb Project Coordinator invited to speak (on air, live) at national television (Wanita Hari Ini, TV3) on Energy Savings @ Household Level
25 Feb Briefing to Lions Clubs members and Malaysian Interfaith Network at MPPJ
4-5-March Exhibition at Port Dickson in conjunction with MNS Raptor Watch 2006
11 March House visit by young engineers (G&S) from the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)
13 March Briefing to hotel staff in Kuantan, Pahang
15 March Briefing to students & staff at University Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
17 March House visit; PTM Technical Teams
18 March House visit from MNS Selangor
31 March House visit; PJ SEGi College
————— ————————————————————————————
5 April Stakeholders Workshop with Housing Developers in association with REHDA
9 April Briefing to Taiping Buddhist Society & senior citizen groups
15 April Briefing in Kuala Terengganu
18 April House visit by TESCO Malaysia and DANIDA
28-30 April Participated in 3-Day Exhibition at MAPEX Seremban organised by REHDA, NS Branch.
6 May House visit; mixed groups/individuals after Star newspaper report on May 2nd, 2006.
7 May IEM Open House Exhibition @ JKR Hall, KL.
9 May House visit; mixed groups/individuals after Star newspaper report on May 2nd, 2006
19-21 May Exhibition in Penang
23 May House visit; mixed groups/individuals including UNITEN lecturers after Star newspaper report.
26 May Interview by ntv7 (Mandarin, national program) on Energy Savings @ Household level
27 May House visit; mixed groups/individuals including UTM researchers from Skudai campus.
3 June DDC House Project on ntv7 Siasat (Mandarin)
4 June DDC Demo House in China Press newspaper (Chinese language)
6 June House visit by mixed group, presented in Mandarin
16-18 June Exhibition in Centrepoint, Kota Kinabalu
17 June Talk at Sek Men Dato Peter Mujuntin, KK
19 June Briefing for IEM and PAM in KK
24 June House visit by mixed group
28 June Talk in KUIM
————— ————————————————————————————
28-31 July House visit by KL Bar Council Environmental Group
29 July Exhibition in Berjaya Times Square
12 Aug House visit by WCPJ participants
15 Aug House visit by MNS members
19 Aug House visit by Negara Properties
22 Aug House visit by general public
31 Aug Exhibition in Miri
3 Sept House visit by UTM Students
16 Sept Briefing in Melaka
18 Sept DDC Workshop for Govt Officers
19 Sept House visit by UIAM Architecture students
————— ————————————————————————————
4 Nov House visit by General public
10 Nov Exibition in Infineon, Melaka
18 Nov Briefing for Klang Valley
29 Nov House visit by Vietnamese delegates
4-6 Dec National Seminar on a Comprehensive Energy Policy
13 Dec December Exhibition in OMRON, PJ
28 Dec House visit by Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor


6 Jan House visit by Persatuan Ching Hai KL
5 Feb Memorandum on Sustainable Energy Policy submitted personally to the Minister of Water,  Energy and Communications, Malaysia.
14 Feb A Press conference was held to disclose memorandum to the media
28 Feb DDC Project Officially ends

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