We make things simple and affordable. You provide the Facilities. We provide the Facilitators.

Each training session is RM2,000 per session. You get a 2 hour Workshop, with Q&A incorporated.

We can accommodate 40 people per session, more if you require. Sessions are interactive so that participants have the opportunity to internalised the information the have received seen and heard.


[ 1. Energy Efficiency | 2. Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Development | 3. Climate Change |
4. Demonstration Cool House | 5. Bin Composting Talk & Demonstration | 6. Kitchen Gardening ]

1. Energy Efficiency

What is Energy
Sources and uses of energy
What is Energy Efficiency
How to do an Energy Audit
Zero Cost Actions
Actions incurring some cost
Case Study presentation


2. Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Development

The Environment
Sustainable Development
Stewardship & Volation
State of the Environment
Laws & Enforcement
Green Tech or Green Washing
The Sustainable Path


3. Climate Change

Climate and Weather
Greenhouse Effect & Sources of man-made Greenhouse Gases
Potential Climate Change Impacts
Evidence of Climate Change
Global Attempts to curb Climate Change
Energy use and Transport


4. Demonstration Cool House

Introduction to Climate Change & Energy Use
Video on renovations done to building
Features of the Demonstration Cool House
Energy Consumption Patterns in Malaysia
How to reduce household energy consumption


5. Bin Composting Talk & Demonstration

What is composting
What can and cannot be composted
Essential Equipment and Materials for Bin Composting
Composting Demonstration


6. Kitchen Gardening

Overview of Organic Farming in Malaysia
What is Kitchen Gardening
How to maximise your planting area within limited spaces
Optional: Visit organic garden at CETDEM Organic Farming Community Centre



Kindly contact:
Engr Gurmit Singh

Ms Tan Hwee Noi
Organic Farming Project Coordinator

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